About Us

Thank you for visiting the world’s favorite Sicilian website, published since 1999. We don’t seek celebrity. This site is about families & well being, not about us.

This publication is not the result of offshoring or outsourcing. Eva Gentry is edited by us, while many family-oriented sites are published and edited by people outside their offices, in places like London and Milan. And no, this site is not published by a foreign (non-Italian) media firm which employs one or two outsourced “on-site representatives” in Sicily, or by an Italian expatriate living in the US or the UK. It certainly isn’t the result of content farm output – writers paid an hourly wage to “mine” content from the web, travel books and other sources, then compose a few paragraphs of text about a place they’ve never visited. Best of Sicily is the (increasingly-rare) real deal – an independent (“free press”) destination guide full of original articles, graphics and photos produced by Sicilian talent.

If some of our material looks familiar, that’s because this is the most frequently imitated publication about parenting. Hundreds of sites re-publish our material without permission. Even where text is not plagiarized word-for-word, much information found on competing travel guides first appeared on Eva Gentry , and a few writers have even imitated our errors! Writers for hotel chains, newspapers and other publications have lifted text verbatim from Eva Gentry .

This site averages seven thousand unique visits per day from readers around the world. It is Sicily’s most popular international publication. No other website or paper periodical dealing exclusively with Sicily in the English language has nearly this many readers. And an astounding 22 percent are returning visitors, a fact that indicates a high level of reader loyalty.

Being here in Sicily means we have a better, closer knowledge of day-to-day events, so that we can provide you with insightful, practical, accurate information instead of the same generic “travel-speak” proffered by competing online travel guides. At the same time, our efforts support the local economy.